Call 206-504-2417 for Ready Mix Concrete in the Puget Sound area. Or send text

Call 206-504-2417 for Ready Mix Concrete in the Puget Sound area. One to 100 yards. Or send text

Glasco Concrete can help decommissioning abandon pipes and septic tanks. Lets review what the problem it that needs solving

Are there dangers associated with abandoned septic tanks or other underground cavities like pipes?

Pipes and Septic tanks that are buried underground are susceptible to corrosion, thus weakening the stability  the ground covering the tank. The instability can cause the ground to collapse, causing serious injury or death. Septic tanks contain dangerous gases due to the breakdown of decomposing matter, falling into a tank can cause the possibility of being overcome by noxious gases. Abandon tanks and pipes can also be a breeding ground for unwanted pests and bugs.

How do you decommission a septic tank or old pipe?

The proper septic tank decommissioning permit may need to be obtained for the city and/or the county the septic system is located in. You will likely want to secure a professional decommissioning company to do this work.   They will inspect the interior of the tank, and pump any liquid or sludge that may be present. 

This is where Glasco comes in.  Once the tank decommissioning permit is secured and the tank is emptied, we can fill the tank with a material called CDF or Controlled Density Fill.  This material is pumped into the tank in a liquid form, so it fills all the cavaties of the tank.  You want to make sure the tank is completely full of material.  Leaving a foot at the top of the tank unfilled can cause the tank to eventually collapse and lower the ground around it by a foot.

What is CDF?

It is a material that flows like a liquid, but sets up like concrete.  In fact it is like a very low strength concrete.  It is firm and can be driven over, but it can also be excavated in case it needs to be removed.  It is the best of both worlds.  CDF is often used by utilities to fill in around freshly repaired or replaced pipes in the ground.  CDF or FlowFill sets up like concrete which means it won't settle like fresh dirt and most gravel.  Secondly it goes in like a liquid to fill up all the crevasses in the tank, trench and around the utility pipes.

Call us and we can arrange to fill your abandon septic tank or pipes with CDF and problems will be solved with the highest degree of reliability.

Call Glasco at 206-504-2417 for large jobs in hard to reach areas.  Here the floor to be poured is significantly lower than the concrete delivery truck, so the concrete is pumped to the location. Glasco can pump up to 75 yards per hours.

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